Accru-IT develops, manages and delivers marketing solutions that drive retail rebate and loyalty compliance. 
Our goal is to achieve desired performance expectations by identifying cost efficiencies, fulfilling market gap opportunities and driving a sustainable competitive advantage.

Accru-IT Services

  • Brand Marketing Solutions
    Brand marketing solutions that provide customized, collaborative communications tailored to distributors’ individual business needs.

  • Speed to Market
    Accru-IT revolutionizes speed to market efficiency in order to gain timely distribution on new item introduction and promotional activities.

  • Rebate Compliance Reporting
    MSA/InfoMetrics' rebate compliance reporting that measures promotional effectiveness and performance research enables Accru-IT to work with manufacturers and distributors to build the promotional hierarchy and manage reporting for the supply chain.

  • Pre-Sell Tactics
    Pre-sell tactics that off our customer’s vital information to optimize national and regional performance based incentive programs.

  • Category Management
    Category management that creates a collaborative, continuous process to enhance profit while optimizing consumer purchases.