The CDA MSA/InfoMetrics program is a unique data aggregation and business intelligence solution for convenience channel clients. MSA/InfoMetrics provides CPG companies with critical information and tools to improve profits and sales in the C-store channel. Manufacturers can track performance, identify potential new distribution opportunities, manage and track rebate programs, track core items distribution and analyze competitive performance. MSA/InfoMetrics is the single largest database of convenience distributor store shipments covering 100K+ SKUs and 80,000+ retail locations.

Leveraging the MSA/InfoMetrics and Accru-IT Partnership

In leveraging our partnership, we provide our clients informational access to retail performance based compliance data on a weekly basis. Utilizing the power of MSA/InfoMetrics' data resources and insights, in conjunction with Accru-IT’s marketing and communication solutions, we offer comprehensive visibility into the effectiveness of promotional programs. This in turn allows our clients to proactively address closing opportunity gaps such as, core and new item distribution, promotional in & out programs and permanent secondary displays.

Rebate & Promotional Compliance Module

MSA/InfoMetrics provides a compliance reporting module that maximizes revenue opportunities by measuring performance based rebate programs. Accru-IT manages the rebate compliance reporting process and provides secure, confidential and consistent communication of tracking information. This allows us to ensure that our clients fully maximize their working capital and achieve rebate funded return on investment expectations.

Custom Reporting

Unrivaled to any current reporting service in the C-store community, MSA/InfoMetrics provides customized data analysis and reporting solutions for the Convenience Industry. 

By utilizing MSA/InfoMetrics' compliance reporting module, our clients are able to increase core and new item distribution as well as in and out promotional activities. This increases retail visibility which allows our clients to enhance incremental sales volume, retail compliance performance and spend efficiency. Our tracking and reporting capabilities offer vital information that can be utilized on national and regional performance based rebate incentive programs. This is the perfect tool for our clients to measure rebate funded investment to optimize sales force and retail execution.

Category Management

Powered by MSA/InfoMetrics, Accru-IT creates a collaborative and collective process between manufacturer and distributor partners to address the consumers’ needs. This optimizes consumer satisfaction and fulfillment by addressing the various retailer category responsibility. MSA/InfoMetrics' category management process is a combination of product assortment, price, shelf presentation and promotions which optimize consumer purchases and enhance the overall retail profit margin. Accru-IT facilitates coordination of all partners in order to evaluate, develop and implement comprehensive merchandise strategies.

New Product Indexing and Forecasting

Accru-IT, powered by MSA/InfoMetrics, works in partnership with our manufacturers and distributors in developing new item indexing to provide insights into estimated sales volume and supply-demand. This facilitates an effective process for pre-planning demand so that speed to market execution can be fulfilled in an efficient, timely manner.